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Gracious and Uplifting!A pleasure to watch and hear.
NY Theater Now
Superlatively and imaginatively staged- a bold and striking work!
Theater Scene
Wallace’s full-on commitment to the material is admirable and charming.
The New Yorker


SELF MADE MAN: THE FREDERICK DOUGLASS STORY takes the audience on a journey with this American legend, the father of our civil rights movement. Frederick Douglass was born a slave and ultimately found his true freedom in forgiveness. Phil Darius Wallace portrays 14 characters who influenced Douglass' life, reconstructing the complexity and radiance of Douglass’ spirit on his path to becoming the leader who inspired President Lincoln and countless thousands who thronged to hear him speak -- the rock star of his time. Wallace's Douglass captures Douglass' essence, his humor, outrage and charisma, bringing this SELF MADE MAN alive like never before.


ArcLight Theatre

152 West 71st St, New York, NY 10023