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In Saint Hollywood, comedian Willard Morgan's wild ride chasing Hollywood stardom becomes a descent into the belly of the show business beast. Using floor to ceiling digital video projections that surround the audience and a live 5 piece rock band, Morgan introduces us to his "Saints," an unusual mix of unlikely real-life advisors: Vuzar, the Mexican transvestite paraplegic who conducts a lucrative phone sex business from her pink People Mover; Champ, a/k/a Lord Anthony, the ex-prizefighter knighted by the King of Greece for building the royal stretch limo; Dennis Woodruff, the actor who has made a high-profile career out of never being cast in anything; and many others. These Saints, whose unique journeys have lifted them into the realm of the sublime, offer their encouragement and the occasional well-placed kick to Morgan on his odyssey to the perfect gig. Prepare yourself for a rollicking and stunning exploration of the mind and the world of the stand-up comedian.

Closes on March 20, 2010. Opened on January 25, 2010
Schedule: Thursday 7:00pm / Friday 7:00pm / Saturday 7:00pm Running Time: 1 hr. 18 min.


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