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Winter Garden Theatre

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Don't close Rocky

This show was such a pleasant was enjoyed by all. (Our granddaughter age 13, our mid-age children & us had great action...the sets were fabulous...I know many people that saw the show and all of them enjoyed it...please don't many people will be missing out on a wonderful show.

Written on August, 11th 2014


I wasn't sure that Rocky would be my kind of show, but I am so glad that my son insisted that I see it. To my surprise, it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. The performances were wonderful and the staging of this production was just incredible. I enjoyed every minute, and was simply blown away by the final scene. I couldn't help but jump from my seat at the end of the show, and my hands still hurt from clapping so hard. Everyone should see this; there is nothing else like Rocky!

Written on July, 8th 2014

Rocky is a KO

The show is really worth the price. It starts off slow at first to build the foundation but when you get to act II watch pulls you in and gets you cheering....great sets, great voices, great lighting, great acting, but not enough dancing....the one dance sequence (the wedge) was amazing.

Written on June, 28th 2014

A Knock out!

One of the best broadway shows that I ever have seen! Unbelievable set, singing, and just a great time! We left the show with such uplifted spirits and making plans to see it again! Sat in the back of orchestra seats and I felt like I was in the ring! Unbelievable! A must see!

Written on June, 25th 2014

Good not great

My husband and I went to see this show today, the sets were great and the music was good. The singing was the highlight as both Rocky and Adrian have excellent voices. The thing that was missing was the intensity that the movie had. I still feel it when I watch it almost 40 years later. The training scenes didnot have the same excitement or impact and there is only so much they could do with the fight scene but the ring coming out into the audience was impressive. It is worth seeing but don't expect it to be just like the movie and enjoy it as the entertaining musical it is.

Written on June, 22nd 2014

Not to be missed!

I cannot say enough good things about the show. It was the 509th Broadway show that I saw and it easily ranks in the top 3 I've attended. In fact the final fight might be the best staged scene I've eve seen. Everything leading up to it is great as well. There's a lot of funny lines, a lot of poignant lines, a lot of action, a great love story (it would make a great date night show), etc. The performances are right on. It's impossible to imagine anyone else doing as well in them as the actors who are cast in it. In short, miss it at your own peril. It is the type of show that will stick with you long after the curtain falls. Go and enjoy!!

Written on May, 22nd 2014

go see rocky

Very creative staging of the show. Andy Karl did a great job. Very enjoyable. Sat first row mezzo. Excellent Seats

Written on April, 4th 2014

Great!! A must see show!

I thought Andy Karl was wonderful! I enjoyed the music. I thought the sets were amazing. If at all possible, try to get a seat upstairs. I sat in the Orch. it was fine, but you should definitely be upstairs for the second act. Everything about the show was enjoyable.

Written on March, 27th 2014

See this show

Terrific show, especially with the way they lead up to the fight at the end. Great casting, great songs, great drama.

Written on March, 21st 2014


The cast is terrific and the staging is awesome!

Written on March, 13th 2014

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