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Nancy Johnston & Lynne Wintersteller in Revisiting Wildfire new play by Kari Floren directed by Eve Brandstein. Revisiting Wildfire is a funny and moving two character play that tests the friendship of former college roommates Theresa and Pam, who met in the early years of punk and the Reagan Administration. Now 52, both women are facing personal chaos: When Theresa loses her job and falls out of touch, Pam leaves Ohio and arrives unannounced at Theresa’s NYC apartment. Theresa has recently discovered spiritual guidance and her new life purpose in a 70’s pop ballad, which Pam finds more than a little insane. In a volatile afternoon, Pam makes her own startling revelation and their lives are at a crossroads. To move forward and save their friendship, the two women must find in each other a neglected and vital part of themselves.

ArcLight Theatre – 152 West 71st Street (between Broadway & Columbus)



ArcLight Theatre

152 West 71st St, New York, NY 10023