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The Castle
By Howard Barker

Howard Barker's The Castle is an epic work, blasting apart - with humor and violence - the boundaries of desire, pain, and sexuality. After an absence of 7 years, a group of Crusaders returns 'home' to find authority, religion, and human relations all upended and a new society established by the women who have been left behind. The battle lines are drawn immediately. "The Castle is one of the richest and most densely written of Barker's entire oeuvre."

“The Castle is Barker's visceral explosion of sex and armaments...It's pure oxygen time again. Prepare to be wowed.” - Bob Mondello, NPR

Serious Money
By Caryl Churchill

In a scathing satire set in the trading pits and boardrooms of London's financial district, acclaimed English playwright Caryl Churchill tackles the insider trading, corporate raiding and leveraged buyouts of the late '80s. Churchill's acidly funny, cocaine-fueled ride examines the abuses of power, greed and sexual politics that continue to resonate with the current global financial crisis. Fiercely witty and shockingly prophetic, Serious Money also features music and lyrics by Ian Dury, Micky Gallagher and Chas Jankel.

"If there's a sharper-edged evening of entertainment
in Manhattan at the moment, it involves juggling knives...The over-the-top comedy remains
raw and urgent."
- The New York Times


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