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Laced with send-ups of Verdi and Handel, Princess Ida features one of Sir Arthur Sullivan's most magnificent and truly operatic scores, while W.S. Gilbert’s raffish book lampoons everything from women's education to Darwin’s theory of evolution, ending in an all-out battle between the sexes.

This hilarious, briskly-paced, family friendly production includes kings, princes in dresses, soldiers in their underwear (battling the princes in dresses), and a liberated, headstrong, distinctly non-Disney princess. It also features lavish production values and unmiked singers over a full orchestra, in a beautifully restored, acoustically perfect theater.

Now in its 84th season, the award-winning Blue Hill Troupe is the only musical theater group dedicated to supporting charities that address New York City’s most pressing needs. Net proceeds from Princess Ida will benefit Covenant House New York Infant/Toddler Center.

Though betrothed to Prince Hilarion since infancy, Princess Ida did not grow up dreaming of her wedding day. Twenty years have passed and Princess Ida now runs a women's university, where men—"Nature's sole mistake"—are forbidden.

As the wedding day approaches, Prince Hilarion's father, the level-headed—if "peppery"—King Hildebrand, and his court are awaiting the arrival of Princess Ida and her father, the gnarled and nasty King Gama. When Ida is a no show, Hilarion and his frat-boy friends resolve to infiltrate the university incognito. As they say, complications (and hilarity) ensue in a plot the encompasses everything from women's lib, cross-dressing, and public drunkeness to an all-out war between the sexes.

Set against a backdrop of one of Arthur Sullivan's most magnificent, most truly operatic scores, Princess Ida is a rarely performed gem. Don't miss the Blue Hill Troupe's production of this beautiful, clever and poetic show.


Teatro Heckscher

1230 Fifth Avenue (between 104th and 105th Streets) NYC