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I'm a huge fan of the movie and watch it EVERY time is it on! Was curious how they were going to follow the lines of movie while attempting to turn it into a musical. Well they SUCCEEDED! There are minute differences ... but the story line is there. The songs are spot on and the cast and ensemble are terrific. STANDING OVATION FROM ME!

Written on August, 27th 2018

GIGANTIC fan of the movie thought the show was MAGNIFICENT!

I was floored at how well the key moments in the movie are honored. Yet the music gives the story a fresh take. The players are phenomenal (I went in there thinking no way can any two have the chemistry of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere... I forgot about them as there is no need to compare) and the story is as sweet as ever. May need to go see it again!

Written on August, 14th 2018