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(le) Poisson Rouge

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Sep 20, 2018
Nov 1, 2018

Pop Punk High Reviews

Really, Really Good!
A musical for anyone who grew up with Blink 182 or Fallout Boy… not far from the stylings of the Book of Mormon!
Alternative Press
An energetic and extremely well-done musical full of catchy tunes and a delightfully stupid story that will have you ROTFLMAO!
Yes Broadway


A new immersive musical experience that celebrates and parodies all things early 2000’s, and the ethos and aesthetic that defined a generation. It's not just an original musical comedy – your night includes hearing an up-and-coming Pop Punk opener, watching an outrageous pop punk musical comedy, then reliving the greatest years of your life with live band karaoke following the show with the Pop Punk High band, featuring your favorite pop punk jams of 2003 and beyond. Put on your most outrageous Pop Punk attire and celebrate the greatest genre in musical history!

Pop Punk High is where teens live and breathe pop punk, it's always 2003 and skateboards and eyeliner are the must-have accessories – and where Derek’s life majorly sucks. His lame parents don’t understand him, he’s the biggest loser in school, and the girl of his dreams doesn’t know he’s alive. Things take a turn when Derek discovers a can of Axe Body Spray that contains the ghost-slash-genie of pop punk princess Avril Lavigne. Avril agrees to grant him 3 wishes, but only if he will find out who murdered and trapped her. But in selecting his wishes, Derek soon finds out that what you think makes you pop punk, often isn’t pop punk at all.


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(le) Poisson Rouge

158 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10012