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I saw the original production with Ben Vereen years ago. This is a very interesting conceptualization of the show. I felt like I got two shows. The acrobatics are amazing. Lucie Arnaz was wonderful. We couldn't believe the tricks she did and her singing with the audience was great.

Written on October, 13th 2014


The acting, singing, music, stunts, magic tricks ALL amazing. I've been to over 30 Broadway shows and this is easily somewhere in my TOP 6! All the illusions and stunts they do are breathtaking. The whole show was amazing with the exception of the Last 10 Minutes.. I really was not a fan of how it ended but overall Great Show & Highly recommend it!!!!!!!!!!

Written on October, 1st 2014

Unlike anything on Broadway

I got last minute tickets to see Pippin on 8/9. After hearing a lot of positive reviews I figured I would have to experience for myself. Pippin is magical and has a brilliant story with a talented cast. The acrobats were amazing brought the show to a new level. I could relate to the underlying message of living in the moment. Time goes quickly and you can't sit around waiting. The simple pleasures of life are sometimes the things that make our lives the most extraordinary. We can't keep searching for better, we should realize all the good we have. I would definitely encourage anyone to see Pippin.

Written on August, 10th 2014


This show is FANTASTIC!!!! Everything is wonderful! Highly recommend!

Written on June, 30th 2014

Well Deserved Tony Awards!

I was thrilled that I bought my tickets prior to the Tony Awards and had great seats for this spectacular show! Patina Miller as the Leading Player and Andrea Martin as the grandmother were outstanding! The show certainly deserved the many Tony Awards that it won! There should have even been a special Tony given to Canada's circus troupe who perform amazing acts throughout the show! Pippin also has wonderful, meaningful messages, "razzle dazzle" dancing, show stopping moments, and even a sing-along opportunity. Don't miss out on seeing this well deserved Tony Award winning production of Pippin!

Written on June, 16th 2013


ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Music, the Staging, the Acting, the Singing, the Acrobatics
Better than the 1972 original

Written on April, 24th 2013

BEST Revival this Season ~ Simply Magical & Brilliant!

WOW...One of the best musicals on BWAY!
This revival is simply Magical, Extraordinary, Spellbinding, Amazing, Visually Stimulating, Electrifying. Brilliantly staged with breathtaking acrobatics and choreography. A stellar cast and Tony award worthy performances from; Andrea Martin, Patina Miller, Rachel Bay Jones and Matthew James Thomas as Pippin.
This will be nominated for tons of Tony Awards and will WIN
Get your tickets now before it sells out after it opens.
A true Theatrical Experience not to be missed!

Written on April, 13th 2013

The time has come for this production of "Pippin"

I have loved Pippin since I was in high school. This new version is beyond excellent! The pacing, the laughter, the characterizations, the acrobatic additions are beyond fantastic. The time has come for Pippin to return to Broadway and the time is now!! "Leave your cheese to sour, come and waste and hour or two" RUN "in just no time at all" to see this production! I have said this on twitter and on facebook... this will be a Tony Award winner!!!

Written on April, 5th 2013

Highly recommend! Could see it again.

Fantastic evening... engaging throughout. Well cast. The lead player, Pippin, the grandmother, and Charlemagne especially.

I don't recall ever experiencing a standing ovation for a performance in the middle of a show. The grandmother's main number got it == and deserved it.

You could hear the words. You understood the action. The acrobatics were amazing!

Highly recommend.

Written on March, 28th 2013

You will be mesmerized.

I was thrilled and mesmerized to sit through Pippin. Maybe entranced is a better word. The story was good as well as was the music, but the dancing and acrobatics was the stars. The acting was amazing. I am still thinking of it.

Written on March, 28th 2013

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