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Dominique Morriseau's PIPELINE Deserves a Pulitzer

Dominique Morisseau (The Detroit Project) has written an unforgettable play about a mother's undying love for her teenage son whose inner rage is pushed to its violent breaking point. Morisseau's searing play harkens to the poignant struggles resonating in works by August Wilson, Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison and many other literary giants. PIPELINE is a contemporary play dealing with the oppressive, systemic racism young people of color are forced to contend with daily. Violence & injustice has erupted in our city streets & schools and has become a fight for survival in the jungle of society's making. Omari (Namir Smallwood) is a high school student enrolled in a posh private school with few students of color. The play is stirring, provocative, engaging & relentless in its potency. It explodes with the struggle to contain an animalistic rage ready to combust. The ensemble cast were all exceptional & the sparse stagings & videos were remarkable. Her visionary writing will win her a Pulitzer & places her on par with Wilson, Wright, Baldwin and Gwendolyn Brooks. "Art hugs. Art urges voyages." "We are each other's magnitude & bond." (G. Brooks) Get in line to see this astonishing play.

Written on June, 30th 2017