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Great Mystery Play

I took six members of my family to see Perfect Crime on a recent evening and we all had a wonderful time. The play reminded me of a particularly intelligent episode of "C.S.I. New York". The acting was very realistic and the set is nice. The theater was pretty full, too, which I think is a testament to the staying power of the play. After all this is the longest running play in NY history. Go see it and have a great time guessing the ending!

Written on May, 5th 2010

I really liked it

There is a reason this play has been running so long. People like it! How many mysteries are actually hard to solve? This one is, and that makes it interesting. So many twists and turns coming at you from beginning to end, it's really a rollercoaster. I think the negative reviews are because those people just didn't get it and feel cheated. They shouldn't be blaming the play. And the acting I thought was very naturalistic, not rushed but actually the way people speak in real life. So that's what this play was like to me, real life, but with a big mystery at the heart of it, and some people want all spectacle whereas I went in wanting a good story and that's what I got.

Written on March, 10th 2009