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In “Pantaleón y las visitadoras” (Captain Pantoja and The Special Service,) the Peruvian Army recruits Captain Pantaleón Pantoja, a model soldier, a man of integrity and a good husband, for an outlandish mission: to create and manage a Special Service of “visitors” to fulfill the troop’s necessities. Even though it is everything against his moral code, Captain Pantoja is a consummate soldier and the visiting service quickly becomes the most efficient branch of the armed forces. Captain Pantoja’s official progress reports are filled with military statistics and jargon which often become the story’s funniest moment.

The production includes music by multiple Grammy Nominee, composer, singer and pop sensation Andrés Cabas. Cabas has created a score infused with tropical, Andean and jazz rhythms which transmit the essence of the Amazonian region where the play is set.

Adapted by Verónica Triana & Jorge Alí Triana. With music by Andrés Cabas Choreography by Sunilda Caraballo.

In Spanish with live simultaneous English translation
Lenght: 2 hours 10 minutes
15 minute intermission


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