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Theatre for a New Audience presents Orpheus X. The New York premiere of Orpheus X with original music and text by Rinde Eckert (2007 Pulitzer Finalist), video by Denise Marika, and directed by Robert Woodruff, draws from several literary and poetic sources, including the Sixth Century Greek poet Ibyous and the Roman poets Virgil and Ovid. Eckert and Woodruff take this ancient myth and reinvent it for our time with acting and singing by three extraordinary artists, Mr. Eckert, Suzan Hanson and John Kelly and a live band of piano, guitar, viola, percussion and bass.

As described by Variety, "In Mr. Eckert's version Orpheus is a rock star, an idol who amazes all not with a legendary lyre but with an electric guitar. Unlike the hero of the source material, he's mourning not the death of his wife but that of a total stranger -- a poet named Eurydice -- who dies in his arms after being struck by a cab in which Orpheus was riding. This fluke of fate shatters his splendid life. Suddenly burdened by this strange loss, he becomes obsessed with Eurydice's memory. Unable to comprehend or cope, he shuts himself off from a life that once gave him glory, riches and a semblance of meaning."

Originally commissioned by American Repertory Theater where it opened in March 2006, this will be a Theatre for a New Audience production.

Cast: Rinde Eckert, Suzan Hanson, John Kelly.

Running Time: 90 minutes with no intermission.

Age Recommendation: 13 and up Valid proof of age must be shown in order to collect New Deal tickets; failure to show proof of age will result in a surcharge for a full-price ticket.

December 2 - 20, 2009


The Duke on 42nd St.

229 W 42nd Street
New York, NY