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Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre

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Once..the musical

Few funny moments and heartwarming scenes superseding monotonous ones.

Written on October, 14th 2014


Absolutely loved everything about this show!

You will not regret it... the music, the acting, the story (funny and touching), etc. was wonderful.

Tip : Arrive a little bit earlier than you usually would (you'll see why) and get good seats if you can afford it financially. I had partial view seats which were less expensive and I still very much enjoyed the show. However, seeing the entire stage during the whole performance will certainly and logically make the experience an even better one.

Can't wait to buy the cast recording!!!

Written on January, 12th 2013

An intimate, moving, different kind of Broadway experience

I expected this to be good given the Tony win, and I wasn't disappointed. We see several Broadway shows a year so I know that this one is unusual in style and tone. The signing and acting are superb. There are a handful of absolutely stand-out songs that are pop/folk and melancholy. My partner had tears as the end, as did several around us. I have to admit that sometimes I was bored and restless, but my partner (who is more apt to lose interest at shows) was very moved by the story and the music. There's also a nice amount of humor. I think some reviewers mentioned foul language- it's very mild compared to shows like "Jersey Boys" or "Billy Elliot". The staging is spare - this type of "small" show depends almost 100% on the talent on the stage, and everyone is outstanding. In lesser hands, this would be a mess.

Written on October, 27th 2012

Hauntingly fantastic

From the moment one enters the theatre, you are part of the play, enjoying the music, sitting in the pub on the stage, moving with the cast. With the first song, one knows that one is in for a heavy time. Haunting music lingers long after the curtain closes. A really fine production.

Written on October, 4th 2012

A Different Love Story

I heard about all the hype, but really didn't know what to expect and was pleasantlyu surprised. I LOVED the show. It was a love story presented in a most unusual way. The staging was very creative and the music exceptional. I thought about it all night and mist of today. I want to see it again!

Written on June, 7th 2012

Once is a unique and magical theater experience

Once was the highlight of my Broadway trip this year. A unique combination of play/musical -- and it landed fantastically on both fronts. In addition, I absolutely fell in love with Steve Kazee, who is fantastic in the lead. And to be fair Cristin Milioti is phenomenal as well (both well earned Tony noms). Loved this show... and love the soundtrack to relive the moments. A+!

Written on May, 26th 2012

Touches the heart and makes you laugh out loud

Once is a intimate, pure and unique show that touched my heart and made me laugh out loud. The voices are superb and the acting is riveting. I loved the simple setting. This show doesn't need any special effects. It made me want to rewind time to see it again and again.

Written on May, 2nd 2012

Tender charming funny - a must see!

I really enjoyed this one. The dialogue was fresh and humorous and the music struck the right note throughout. Aside from a few 4-letter words it's great for the entire family. Go see it right away before ticket prices shoot up.

Written on March, 21st 2012

Beautiful Work!

I saw "Once" on Saturday and I was blown away by the sheer beauty of this story. The music is fabulous. The talent of the cast fantastic. "Once" is a finely tuned and beautiful work. The simple staging is effective and helps to keep the focus on the people and their words. There is a fluidity of movement--whether it's characters moving tables and chairs or characters moving each other toward a new purpose or destination of thought. And the They are firmly planted in my mind and heart.I was most impressed to see that a musical does not need to have huge effects and spectacle to grab the heart of the audience and hold it close.

Written on March, 12th 2012

'Once' is a must!

I saw 'Once' last night and I loved it! Simple and tender with great music! I felt like I was in an Irish pub from the minute I entered the theater.
The two leads have good chemistry together and the male lead has a wonderful voice.
The backup musicians were excellent as well.
A unique night at the theater!

Written on March, 7th 2012

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