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Jan 28, 2016
Feb 14, 2016


A concert, world-premiere play and beverage tasting/"brewtorial"...all in one night, in one 1000 square foot space, for only 50 people. "Nightcap Riot: Mombucha" features Rich Awn's luscious fermented tea potions, Johnny Livanos' (Marta) spectacular kombucha-driven mixology program, Jim Knable's ferocious adaptation of a mysterious George Bernard Shaw play featuring a blustery Napoleon Bonaparte: “Destiny and the Little Man," directed by Bruce Levitt, and a curated list of some of music’s funkiest, spiciest, most soulful acts. It is the ultimate date night, an opportunity to meet new, creative friends, to play with artists, to drink from the next dimension and to see the theater and music of the future."


Magick City

37 Box Street
Brooklyn, NY