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Just saw this on Sunday, 7/29 .... the 90 minute performance of all four actors (in addition to the 'piano player') was 'over the top'; the production of each vignette was well played out and well done; was amazed how the latest 'current events' was an update to the script --- hats off to the script writers; we all loved this performance; highly recommend to anyone!!!

Written on July, 31st 2012

Brilliant, Clever and Amusing with Super Talented Actors- a hidden gem!!!

amaing show. teenager daughters loved it-like a musical aturday night live with curent events. i laughed and laughed and laughed. witty and the level of talent is very high!

Written on April, 20th 2012

Great Show!!!

Great show!! 4 incredible comic actors playing so many different roles- from pliticians to pop-culture to hilarious advertising spoofs. A really fun show- great for a night out with friends.

Written on February, 7th 2012

Fun night out.

This show will keep you laughing for 90 minutes. Great cast,great comedy, my teenagers loved it.

Written on July, 2nd 2011

Hilarious little gem of a show!

What a brisk, hilarious hour-and-a-half! This talented group of four actors makes mincemeat of the media's sacred cows, and it's a pleasure to go along for the ride. Have no fear, it's entertaining -- not insulting -- and the clever jabs land on both sides of the political aisle so as not to offend. While it's light-hearted, it's not for young children since the humor probably is over their heads, but adults will find it lots of fun.

Written on February, 20th 2010