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Latest Reviews for New York Spring Spectacular

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Rockettes Spring Spectacular, starring Derek Hough

The idea was great, the execution was not so great. Enough with the spiritual "god-like" Rockette's theme reminiscent of the Christmas show. Only this time it was Easter...and where were those traditional Radio City organs? The production was the usual amazing, over-the-top with tech designs, producing fantastic and exciting imagery. The Rocketttes, when they appeared in formation were amazing, which is their expected standard. Music and song selection was appropriate and crossed many genres in an attempt at increasing mass appeal. The Statue of Liberty sequence was in need of some better synchronization...Her lips kept moving long after she stopped "talking". Derek's umbrella did not hold up very well and had to be replaced during the routine (just some minor details). However, I did not go to see the "Rockettes Spring Spectacular" to see a show totally dominated by Derek Hough and Laura Benanti. Although quite talented and entertaining, they seemed to be the focus, while the Rockettes seemed to merely be their back-up dancers. How disappointing, in that respect. But, overall, uplifting and always a joy!

Written on March, 13th 2015