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Oct 20, 2015
Oct 20, 2015


National Geographic Live!
Pristine Seas: Exploring Underwater Edens With Enric Sala

Marine ecologist Dr. Enric Sala, a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, left his academic career to take an active role in reversing the decline he witnessed in the oceans. Since 2005, Sala has fulfilled his passion to make a difference by leading National Geographic’s Pristine Seas expeditions. His mission: to find, survey, and protect the last healthy, undisturbed places in the ocean. His destination: underwater edens found outside the reach of shipping lanes, fisheries, and other human interference.

Sala believes that when we understand how healthy marine ecosystems work, we can help damaged ecosystems recover. To highlight—and save—some of our planet’s most remarkable underwater worlds, he and his team have conducted scientific expeditions to the Cocos Islands off Costa Rica, the Salas y Gómez Islands near Easter Island, and the central Pacific’s Line Islands. Most recently, he visited the Pitcairn Archipelago, legendary home of the HMS Bounty mutineers. Making 450 dives, Sala’s team discovered a paradise below the waves, where 90 percent of the sea bottom is covered with healthy coral. Join Sala as he recounts his adventures as a global marine conservationist. Enjoy a stunning visual kaleidoscope of dazzlingly colored fish and lightning-quick reef sharks. Hear the stories behind his successful efforts to restore the oceans to health and beauty.

Sala will sign copies of his new book, Pristine Seas: Journeys to the Ocean's Last Wild Places.


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