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Latest Reviews for Napoli, Brooklyn

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Napoli, Brooklyn is a MUST SEE

I have seen many Broadway and off Broadway plays in my life and this is the 1st time that I ever felt the need to post a review. I am a mid 60's viewer and I am of Italian descent, so I can truly say that there were so many Italian traditions and ways portrayed in this show that it really hit home. No matter what your race or religion or sexual preference is it doesn't matter. All you needed to do was to be a living, breathing HUMAN BEING with a heart. The words spoken by Mrs. Muscolino to the butcher's daughter were so beautiful and heartwarming and loving that it really made you think about what is important in life. This play just opened on 6/9/17 ( I saw it 6/10/17) and is presently scheduled to close on 9/3/17. I sure hope it doesn't...... and in my heart I think it will be a huge hit and last much longer.

Written on June, 13th 2017