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Latest Reviews for My Big Gay Italian Wedding

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Hilarious, fun, high-energy night for everyone!

What a fun night... definitely a must-see! Extremely funny & clever writing. Seriously good acting, too. My husband (who is NOT Italian) turns to me says , "Whoa, this is your family - I'm living this now!" LOL! The references to Brooklyn neighborhoods are so funny & spot-on. But even you are not from the area you will love this show. Also - for a mature audience.

Written on April, 19th 2015

Great night out with alot of laughs

I went this past Thursday night with my son who is 16 and his girlfriend from Canada. We had the best time. Try to sit close, we had row K and we had a tall person sit in front of us so it was hard to see. Since I am Polish and my husband Italian it was the funniest to here the jokes they were making. Cast pull out all the stops and you can tell they really enjoy what they are doing. Used the discount code on and it even worked during the holiday period. I have to admit I walked by the theater entrance two times before I found it.

Written on December, 31st 2010


Saw this last night with 2 friends from work. Sat 1st row and felt like they were putting the play on for just me. It was the funniest play I have seen in a long time and the cast was insane!! The leading man, Anthony, was fantastic. It was truly a surprising experience and I'm still laughing about it. Thank you for a memorable evening!!

Written on August, 20th 2010


This show was SOOOO funny! The energy was amazing! It's a must for a night out with friends.

Written on May, 9th 2010


The show was HYSTERICAL! I was there last night. You don't have to be Italian or gay to enjoy it... Although I'm one of those. You decide which. The cast was great, and there was some of the best character acting I've seen in a long time. This show has it all!

Written on May, 7th 2010