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Mother Load" is a hilarious expose of the cutthroat world of competitive parenting. "Moms have always felt the pressure to do right by their children, but our generation of parents has turned that pressure up to 11.

Nothing could have prepared Amy Wilson for the high-pressure environment of modern motherhood, where a toddler's birthday party must be catered, a stroller costs eight hundred dollars, and nursery school applications require thoughtful essay writing. From prenatal yoga to preschool interviews, Amy struggles to throw off the "Mother Load" of unrealistic expectations, ignore the competitive "sanctimommies" lurking in every playgroup, and somehow find the time to enjoy her kids. Anyone who has fed their kids dinosaur chicken nuggets three times this week will identify with Amy's guilt, and fellow perfectionists will cheer as she frees herself from it. You'll love "Mother Load" whether you are a mother—or just have one! AMY WILSON (Writer/Performer) appeared on Broadway as “Sunny Freitag,” the Atlanta ingénue, in the Tony Award-winning play The Last Night of Ballyhoo.


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711 7th Ave. at 47th Street, NYC