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Gene Frankel Theatre

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About Mary, Mary - Off Broadway

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Running Time
2 hours and 30 minutes with one 10-minute intermission
May 3, 2019
May 18, 2019


Witty yet somehow earthy, Mary, Mary by Jean Kerr is, arguably, the most perfectly constructed light comedy of the English-speaking stage. Mary is a compulsively wise-cracking magazine editor who uses her sense of humor to shield her insecurities, while Bob is an infuriatingly sensible publisher. Their marriage ended in divorce and they haven't seen each other in 9 months, but now Mary has been called back to Bob's apartment by their mutual friend and lawyer, Oscar, in the hopes that they can avert an audit by the IRS. Throw in Bob's young fiancee Tiffany; his old war buddy, the handsome and single film hero whose star is in decline, Dirk Winston; and one major snow storm--and we begin to wonder, will Mary and Bob recognize that they are soul mates in time to get back together before they each end up in the arms of another?


Gene Frankel Theatre

24 Bond Street
New York, NY 10012