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Before Downton Abbey, there was Mary Broome. Just as the PBS series illuminates the complex relationship between servant and master in Edwardian England, so Allan Monkhouse’s biting 1912 comedy centers on a household turned upside down by an upstairs/downstairs liaison. Housemaid Mary Broome has fallen for Leonard Timbrell, the charming “scapegrace” second son of the family she serves. Their relationship is secret…until Mary becomes pregnant—and the edifice of the Timbrells’ carefully-ordered world comes crashing down.

“What’s striking about the play today is that it not only transports us back to a bygone era of high and mighty middle-class mores and lowly working-class expectations but that it also continues to speak to modern confusions about what men and women can expect from life - and from each other,” wrote Dominic Cavendish in The Telegraph, reviewing the acclaimed 2011 London revival at the Orange Tree. Indeed, Monkhouse’s play remains as fresh and startling today as it was one hundred years ago, a sparkling, searing examination of the gulf between generations and the difference between dreams and reality.

Mary Broome is by Allan Monkhouse and is directed by Jonathan Bank


Mint Theater

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