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Love with a Twist where our leading lady, our only lady (Wanda) performed by Nancy Evans, is wise, witty and maybe a little wicked, traveling the world, unraveling all the riddles of romance. She, along with her Argentinean Band, will take every detour she can find as she guides you through her musical journey. In our story, Wanda is being bombarded with emails, voice mails, messages and even an occasional letter. Men are after her and she is after them. Alluring and beguiling, Wanda uses instant access, (cell phone, computer, the works), to captivate her next conquest or even just to locate him. She can't decide which is the most fun, the chase or being chased! With the help of friends and websites, Wanda travels North and South and then across the Atlantic searching for some sort of relationship, all the while trying to unravel the mystery of "LOVE". Who she meets, how she meets them and where they find each other is part of the intrigue. As her journey progresses, the fun escalates with each encounter. Muscle-bound men, Flirtatious Banter, Lilac Bushes, Ringing Bells, Palpitations, Lips on fire, Pasta al dente … And that's just the first act! Who will win her heart? Danny, Carlos or Franz? The chase is on---- She's sure to capture your heart as she leaves you with a smile. This is a night at the theater, not to be missed.


The Theatre at Saint Peter's

619 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10022