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Innocent Flesh is a new play that melds together some of Lethridge’s own personal experiences as a teacher and research over the years to tell the sad reality of these four young girls and the hardships they face as underage prostitutes in America.

Written in a multi-layered style that uses poetry, dance, and a modern take on the classic Greek Chorus, the play unveils the secrets of how girls from all walks of life can find themselves on the streets, selling their bodies to men. Innocent Flesh is performed by a cast of four female actors, whose characters end up in “the life.” Their stories deal with love, abandonment, rape, abortion, and molestation. Throughout the play, each character’s poignant cry for self-worth seems to fill a bottomless void with love. One by one, their hardened façades melt to reveal soft and vulnerable spirits.

Cast Members: Daphne Gabriel, Clara Gabrielle, Jameelah Nuriddin, Angelina Prendergast

Running Time: 90 minutes



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