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Latest Reviews for The Humans

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Healthy Dose of Reality

We came to this play late in its run, but it was well worth seeing. The acting by every member of the cast depicting the Blake Family was extraordinary. The setting enhanced and underscored the performances by the duplex apartment without light since light is shed on each character as the play unfolds. Yes, we see a dysfunctional family. Is there any other kind on Broadway or in life? Lights go out as we learn Bridgid (Sarah Steele) is a failed musician; Aimee (Cassie Beck) is a jobless lesbian whose partner has left her; Erik (Reed Birney) is not the bedrock of this family; Deirdre (Jayne Houdyshell) “eats her feelings”; Fiona (Lauren Klein) was once a coherent, loving grandmother; and Richar Saad (Arian Moayed) is marking time until his inheritance comes through because he never completed college. With all that said, every member of the family is devoted to the others and the traditions they have perpetuated. Their performances make that abundantly clear and allow audience members to connect emotionally with each and perhaps forgive the foibles of their own relatives in forced gaiety during holiday gatherings. The action ironically takes place on Thanksgiving when dark secrets are revealed and yet the family manages to give thanks for one another.

Written on January, 5th 2017

Powerful Stuff

Saw it after it first opened on B'way. Short, but packed with emotion: funny, sad, heartbreaking, uplifting. A show about real people facing real problems. See it while you can - there's a reason it won so many awards.

Written on November, 7th 2016