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How To Transcend A Happy Marriage Tickets

Mitzi E. Newhouse Theatre - Lincoln Center

Sorry, this show has closed.

About How To Transcend A Happy Marriage - Off Broadway

Show Info

Running Time
2 hours and 30 minutes (with 1 intermission)
Ages 15+
Mar 20, 2017
May 7, 2017


At a dinner party in the wilds of New Jersey, two married couples discuss a younger acquaintance—a polyamorous woman who also hunts her own meat. Fascinated, they invite this mysterious woman and her two live-in boyfriends to a New Year’s Eve party, which alters the course of their lives. How to Transcend a Happy Marriage asks: how much love can a twosome contain? What are the limits of friendship, and what happens when parents who have forgotten their own wildness have a wild rumpus all their own?