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Latest Reviews for Honestly Abe - The Musical

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Honestly good

I've seen a new play on Abraham Lincoln called "Honestly Abe" in New York's "Actors Temple" on 47th street. Not sure what to say, it's amazing and incredible to see a play that has virtually no props on stage, while costumes are good, very much representing the era in which the play has been set and singing is not bad, to say the least. At $35 a ticket, not a bad deal. Michael Stefan Strozier, who I know from his previous plays is a struggling producer and director who just won't give up. His director who was supposed to direct "Honestly Abe" allegedly quit a week prior to opening which was in mid January and he took that job himself. What a brave cast of actors, very good acting, pretty good singing, they are just, obviously working on fine tuning the dancing which is going very well. I filmed a short interview with him and here's two numbers from the play so you can see and possibly give your thoughts. When I was there, they had a full house, say about 150 people, well, about 40 seats were empty.

Written on March, 14th 2012