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Honestly Abe - The Musical Tickets

Actors' Temple Theatre

Sorry, this show has closed.

About Honestly Abe - The Musical - Off Broadway

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Running Time
90 minutes (no intermission)
Feb 2, 2012


Honestly Abe, The Musical is based upon the life of young Abraham Lincoln when he was a teenage 'railsplitter' in Indiana. This is the least known, but most formative, entertaining, and joyous period of his life.

Set in Indiana in the 1800s and based on historical facts, Honestly Abe uncovers young Abe Lincoln as a lanky prankster who loved to read and who can spin a yarn with the best of them. Abe was close to his mother and sister but his relationship with his father was strained at best. Abe Lincoln dreamed of the day he can quit the family farm, leave rail-splitting behind, and become a riverboat captain. But family tragedies, a yearning for revenge, and the advice of a close friend caused Abe to change his plans. Abe Lincoln is thrust upon a path toward law and politics instead; but not before leaving behind someone in his life whom he loves dearly.


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