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About Hindle Wakes - Off Broadway

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Dec 23, 2017
Feb 17, 2018


Hindle Wakes premiered in London, in 1912. Many critics called it the best play of the year. The Sunday Times hailed Hindle Wakes as “a work of illuminating force…as timely as it is significant” while the Observer noted, “To see Hindle Wakes is to have enlarged one’s life.” However, the play’s unsentimental depiction of two young people seeking pleasure without commitment sparked moral outrage, filling England’s newspapers with passionate argument over the play’s controversial subject matter.

Hindle Wakes “not only scandalized playgoers, but persons who had never been inside a theatre and who were never likely to visit one joined in the general outcry,” according to The Guardian. Of course, controversy was good for business and Hindle Wakes was a hit.

Hindle Wakes is a sly morality tale, sliced out of real life, but “it is life mixed with something, or fermented into something, more exhilarating than the real thing,” wrote the Guardian’s famed critic C.E. Montague, in reviewing a 1924 revival of the play. “Seen last night after an interval of some ten years, the play struck us as an even better comedy than we had felt it to be in its youth…Houghton was surely born with the right touch for a dramatist, and it will be surprising if Hindle Wakes does not keep a permanent place on the stage.” Montague’s prediction has proven true in England, however, Hindle Wakes has not been seen in New York for 95 years.


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