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Hedwig and the Angry Inch Reviews

Belasco Theatre

Latest Reviews for Hedwig and the Angry Inch

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Twice in One Night!

I was so excited to see Hedwig with Andrew Rannells and Lena Hall on September 13, 2014. They did not disappoint. The show was entertaining and the performances were outstanding. I was so blown away by the finale that I marched out to the box office and bought a ticket to the 10:00 show!! Mr. Rannells' performance was fantastic and Ms. Hall, well, that voice-that talent...They were worth every penny of the two full price tickets in the orchestra. ID they read this let me say: thank you! You made me very happy!

Written on September, 22nd 2014

Amazing, Astounding!

If you get a chance to go before August 17 and you want to spend the money, this show is fantastic. Neil Patrick Harris gives a bavuro performance. It's no wonder he won the Tony and it is well deserved. He holds your attention for the entire 100 minutes. Lena Hall is wonderful in her Tony award supporting role. If you listen carefully to the lyrics the songs are touching.

Written on August, 5th 2014


The best. Even better than Jane st. And never thought Neil was hot but he is smoKkng hot in this. Definitely would see again. He better win tony!

Written on May, 10th 2014


First of all, I am not a fan of this type of music, but Neil Patrick Harris has the audience right from the start. It takes place in contemporary New York with some tongue in cheek jokes about NY and any audience response will spark an impromptu retort by NPH. Lena hall was a glam high society wannabe in Kinky Boots but is a male Croatian rock singer. At one point she channels Whitney Houston as a soft backdrop very softly while hitting some high notes. I saw Hedwig twice. NPH WILL get the TONY for this role.

Written on May, 4th 2014

NPH is Simply Outstanding and Perfect as Hedwig!

I have long loved the movie version of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, so when I heard that NPH was playing Hedwig on Broadway I could not resist taking a trip to NYC. I am so glad I made the trip because the show was everything I had hoped it would be. I adored every moment of it, and I both laughed and cried. NPH makes the songs his own with his dynamite singing talent and the musicians playing the instrumentals are all excellent as well. Not only is NPH's singing wonderful, so is his acting. He completely embodies the unique character of Hedwig who I have loved since I first saw the movie, many years ago. NPH also does an amazing job doing the voices and mannerisms for characters such as Hedwig's mother, Luther, and Tommy Gnosis, who are played by separate actors in the movie while in the play version we instead have Hedwig telling us about the conversations had with those characters. You might think it would be less interesting to have these scenes be presented by Hedwig alone, rather then shown the way they were in the movie, but NPH does such a great job doing the different voices and mannerisms that it is completely engrossing. Lena Hall also does a great job as Yitzhak, and the stage design was very ascetically pleasing. I especially loved what they did visually for the song "The Origin of Love." In conclusion, I could not be more pleased by this production. Go and see it if you can!!

Written on May, 1st 2014

Unique, edgy and spectacular

First of all, I'm not a big fan of rock music but this show had me mesmerized. NPH is absolutely phenomenal , incorporating situational mishaps into the play from a late arrival in the 3rd row to a mistimed percussion hit which wasn't synchronized all done in character and in drag. As for Lena Hall who came from Kinky Boots as a snooty English glam girl to an Eastern European man in Hedwig. The cast dynamic is spectacular and NPH is a shoein for the TONY. NPH does the show in drag (as well as Lena as a man) with many costume an wig changes, with the last few minutes a NPH void of wig, makeup and almost clothes. It's this season's MUST!

Written on April, 14th 2014

NPH is a lock for Best Actor Tony - a Must See Show!!!!

Saw it on Saturday night during previews and an advance word of advice to all potential Tony Best Actor in a Musical nominees - - - don't bother showing up because NPH has no competition this (or in any recent) season. NPH is the epitome of JCM's search for that one who can make him whole in Origins of Love. It was amazing to see NPH immerse himself so much into Hedwig and do with it such genuine humor, empathy and raw energy. I always felt that Hedwig just wouldn't be the same with JCM in the wig but NPH shines in his own light while complementing Hedwig as personified by JCM back at Jane Street. A must see performance! Already planning on seeing it again.....

Written on April, 7th 2014