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Head Over Heels Reviews

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This was just a fun, out of the box, gender bending good time!! We loved it!!!! The cast was great. Go see it!!!!!

Written on October, 19th 2018

the most fun I had in the theatre in a very long time

So I really loved this show. Our group sees many shows (musicals/plays) and we all really enjoyed Head over Heels. If you have any feeling or liking for the music of the Gogo's for sure you will enjoy it. The leads all their voices were spot on and the harmonies were great. Head over Heels had energy, Humor it was Campy and so much Fun!! Don't listen to reviews, I am confidant you will thoroughly enjoy Head over Heels. Last comment, By the end of the show, the audience could not wait to stand up and give the performance a standing ovation , everybody was standing, clapping and smiling!! This is my first review ever!!

Written on July, 27th 2018

Strange Fun

Head Over Heels is an original story relying heavily on James Shirley’s 17th century’s convoluted story of Arcadia bearing allusions to the oracle at Delphi’s curse on Thebes in Oedipus Rex. It also echoed elements of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, The Taming of the Shrew, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and The Winter’s Tale. Of course, Shakespeare himself commonly lifted plots from existing stories. Although the play is rich in literary references, sadly its score is comprised of largely unknown numbers enthusiastically played by the four band members known as the Go-Gos. The credits say that they were the first and only all-female band to write and perform their own music. The cast is comprised of experienced, well-cast but unknown actors. To place the action in ancient Greece, have the cast in Elizabethan dress speaking 16th century English are only a few parts of this stew. Whether to be inclusive or politically correct, every stripe of sexual orientation is presented: transgender, gay, lesbian, cross-dresser, oh yes, and straight. The play was entertaining, laugh-out-loud funny at times. Spencer Liff’s choreography showed off the chorus to the best of their talents and the delight of a receptive audience. This was an entertaining performance that really has little future on Broadway because of its lack of pedestrian appeal to Middle America.

Written on July, 10th 2018