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Happiness unfolds the stories of a dozen or so New Yorkers stuck in the morning rush of a stalled subway car and required by the spectral trainman to recall and re-enact the happiest moment in their lives before they can continue their travels… and travails. Happiness celebrates those fleeting moments in everyday lives – typically unanticipated, largely overlooked, always ephemeral – that upon reflection become people’s fondest memories.

Audience: May be inappropriate for 13 and under.

Cast Members: Ana Maria Andricain, Fred Applegate, Sebastian Arcelus, Holly Ann Butler, Miguel Cervantes, Patrick Cummings, Janet Dickinson, Hunter Foster, Joanna Gleason, Alan Green, Samantha Maza, James Moye, Alessa Neeck, Ken Page, Robert Petkoff, Jenny Powers, Eric Santagata, Robb Sapp, Alexander Scheitinger, Lina Silver, Phyllis Somerville, Pearl Sun, Idara Victor, Matt Wall


Mitzi E. Newhouse Theatre - Lincoln Center photo

Mitzi E. Newhouse Theatre - Lincoln Center

150 West 65th St, New York, NY 10023

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