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Walter Kerr Theatre

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And the Tony Award for Best Musical goes to ..... HADESTOWN!!!

OMG!!! @hadestown was EPIC!!! Seeing my first @rachel.chavkin Directed Musical was a Magnificent Broadway Experience @pagepatrick Was a Spectacular Hades @reevecarney was a Incredible Orpheus @andre_deshields Played a Terrific Hermès @livevamaria was a Brilliant Eurydice & @glambergray was a Fantastic Persephone Theirs a Reason this Show has 14 Tony Nominations it’s sets, Lighting, sound everything Was A+ Broadway Magic @anaismitchell congratulations hope you win the Tony for Best Score I have Confidence In you your score is unstoppable and I hope every Broadway theatre fan has a chance to witness it live on Broadway I will be back for A 2nd and 3rd Time 6/22 Both 2 & 8 shows but before I do that I will make a Stage Door Visit Next Sunday to try to meet Eva for a Selfie In The Meantime Congratulations @hadestown Cast Here’s To More Awards coming your way #HadestownfortheTony #RachelChavkinfortheTony #AnaisMitchellfortheTony #AmberGrayfortheTony #EvafortheTony #AndreDeShieldsfortheTony #PatrickPagefortheTony #ReeveCarneyfortheTony ( Note: I know he’s not nominated for a Tony but He Deserves one) P.S looking forward to hearing the OBCR June 7th

Written on May, 23rd 2019