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Fuerza Bruta Reviews

Daryl Roth Theatre

Latest Reviews for Fuerza Bruta

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Unique not to be missed

This is a very unique show not to be missed. Very exciting and keeps your interest throughout.

Written on November, 13th 2010

Must see!

Very kewl and unique show. Definitely recommended if you can keep an open mind.

Written on November, 7th 2010

fascinating, original

I made my husband go. When the show ended we both agreed that would go again when have a chance. I told all my friends to go. Two friends who were with us also loved it!

Written on August, 20th 2009

Beloved FAN forever!:P

LOVE LOVE LOVE the show!!!!!
u will experience all type of emotions: love, tensions, sad, surprise..
if you want to get scared, amazed, dance and wet in the water - you gotta GO:)
I saw it twice, hihi

Written on June, 6th 2009

A rollercoaster plummeting and climbing the darkest social recesses of my mind

An utterly cathartic social boycott that provokes adolescent flashbacks and vicarious feelings of unfettered freedom! Spectacular!

Written on February, 12th 2009

GREAT experience... I'm for sure going back.

This was really something special... a great night out and an amazing theater experience. It's really unlike anything I've seen, and I'm definitely going again and bringing someone new so they can experience this too.

Written on August, 18th 2008

Gotta Experience It!

What can I say but Wow! This is so different and eye opening. It is a totally sensory overload the best way.

Expect the unexpected. Be ready to be perplexed. Be ready to get out of the way and to dance.

How minds THINK of these things is beyond me. It is exhilarating.

Go with an open mind and comfy shoes!

(I agree with other poster: not for little kids...10 and up if they are adventuresome)

Written on November, 30th 2007

Fuerzabruta! - Cannot wait to see it again!

I'm not sure there are words to describe the emotional roller-coaster you ride while taking in this performance. I am not a theater go-er but purchased tickets at the recommendation of my brother. I went in expecting nothing and came out of that theater in awe of the performace. I laughed, I cried, and I danced. There were moments of tranquility and then explosions of light and emotion. Diqui James and Gaby Kerpel are an absolute genius combination. This is a must see. I am already ordering my next set of tickets!

Written on October, 22nd 2007