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Cowboys Don't Sing
The lone cowboy rides into a singing town on his trusty steed where meets danger, romance, every single ol' Western archetype, and too many musical numbers, including "The Racist Song." Can he protect the town from the nefarious McKallister twins? Will he abandon his cowboy ways and sing? Come find out in COWBOYS DON'T SING: A WESTERN MUSICAL.

The Great iii Am
Matt Graham ("a funnier Spalding Gray" -USA Today) is back on his soap box with a Scrabble© tutorial from on high. Check it out! You have nothing to lose but your soul!

Nbebele Funeral
FringeNYC Overall Excellence Award for Best Play and Critic's Pick in Time Out NY. NDEBELE FUNERAL examines the world of modern South Africa through the aspirations and loss of three characters whose lives intersect in a Soweto shantytown. Daweti, a college graduate living with HIV, has exiled herself to a shack where she is building her own coffin using supplies provided by the government. She is interrupted by a visit from her best friend Thabo and by Jan, an Afrikaner with the impossible job of checking on the use of the government supplies. Poignant and darkly funny, NDEBELE FUNERAL features original music from Spirits Indigenous, and gumboot dancing from the mines in Jo’burg.

Exploding with poetry, athleticism and sensuality, PENINSULA tells the story of one young man’s flight from the poverty stricken slums of Rio de Janeiro to a seemingly peaceful summer town in Northern Michigan’s wine country.

Perfectly Normel People
Winner of the 2013 TheatreMania Audience Favorite Award for FringeNYC! A fish-out-of water comedy about what happens when an NYU college freshman from Kansas moves in with a dysfunctional Italian family from Queens. It’s 1981; the Ramones ruled the Village, Reagan ruled the country and the only rule in the Normellino household was, whoever shouts loudest gets heard.

Billy Pilgrim escapes death in WWII then wakes up with a pornstar on the planet Tralfamadore. After aliens show him the meaning of life, Billy returns home to NY and preaches their philosophy.

JOEY Del Marco. SIXTEEEN. Pre-gaming. Empty ABSOLUT bottle. Luke, GEORGE, Tim. Back of a CAB. RIPPED underwear. HANDS everywhere. NO! Through the eyes real NYC girls, FACE the choices and EXPERIENCE the fallout of ONE life-altering Friday night.

Why You Beasting
Why You Beasting is a darkly comic new play that explores the chaos of the NYC public school system. WARNING: this play softens no blows, censors no language, and makes no apologies for its portrayal of students, teachers or administrators.


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