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Latest Reviews for First Date

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Very enjoyable!

It's sweet and funny and just fun! One of the best shows we have seen!

Written on December, 17th 2013

One of the best!

Three generations went to see this show. It was excellent from start to finish. We all said it was one of the best and funniest plays we have ever seen. Would love to see it again. Thanks for a wonderful night!

Written on September, 7th 2013

Funny, entertaining, and delightful!

Great acting, singing, and script! Very funny, yet touching at times. A very enjoyable evening at, "First Date."

Written on September, 6th 2013

So Good We're seeing it Again!

My husband and I saw this show in August and liked it so much we are seeing it again in September. Zachary Levi and Krysta Rodriguez are so great together. The entire cast is wonderful and play multiple parts so well. If you are looking for an enjoyable day or night out this is a great musical even if you have been out of the dating scene for years.

Written on September, 5th 2013

A little gem of a musical

"First Date" is a little gem of a musical. My Mother-in-law and I had the pleasure of attending today's matinee performance. We both loved the show. It is touching, and funny, and it kept us engaged throughout. Zachary Levi and Krysta Rodriguez gave excellent acting and singing performances. Moreover, the rest of the cast did a marvelous job playing multiple characters. The standing ovation at the end of the show was extremely well-deserved.

Written on August, 24th 2013

So entertaining...even more so for our Thirty Something children!

No falling chandeliers or flying super heroes...ok maybe a flying dead grandma. First date is a hoot. Wonderful cast,clever songs and staging. Fun for young adults and their parents.

Written on August, 8th 2013

First Date is FUN and creative

Well paced - lots of imagination
Great script and music combined with creative staging
Pace is excellent, music very well integrated with the script
I will go again!

Written on August, 5th 2013


First Date is a must see. It will keep you laughing and smiling the entire time. You will fall in love with the characters. This is definitely one of my favorites. Have fun!

Written on July, 29th 2013

Go See First Date

Original.. Funny... a true crowd pleaser... Bravo to all involved!

Written on July, 26th 2013

First Date will provide you with a very enjoyable show

Saw First Date with a mixed group running in age from 28-87. Everyone enjoyed it. This is not a big production show with a huge ensemble with chorus numbers, big numbers of dancers, etc. What you have here are 2 leads that are the center of the action and then a few ensemble players who play various characters. It is a very witty, sweet and intimate feeling show. They develop the 2 main characters and all the action with the supporting characters just really works.
There is a lot of energy when there needs to be and also tender moments.
I liked the feel of this type of show and it is always wise to know what kind of show you will be attending. This was a perfect evening . We all laughed our heads off throughout the show. All of the support cast were excellent and hilarious. The leads gave endearing and wonderful performances.There were perfectly cast and we felt their joy and pain. If I had any suggestions at all it would to have given the leads a couple of more songs to do on their own as I enjoyed their voices very much. Also the music was very good and helped the action of the show, but there was no one song that I was felt stayed with me for the ride home.
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyable show.

Written on July, 15th 2013

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