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About The Ded Sullivan Show - Off Broadway

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Running Time
90 minutes (no intermission)
For mature audiences only
Jun 27, 2015


From the Producers of Naked Holidays! He's Back! America's most beloved MC has been exhumed and he's ready to claw (and chew, and eviscerate), his way back to the top of the hosting food chain! Join the whole undead gang on Saturday nights as we present an action-packed 90 minutes full of singing, dancing, sketch and burlesque. An evening so bloody, so wrong, and so generally off-putting that it will leave your date wondering what sort of weirdo actually likes this sort of thing.

Really, its better they find out now . . .

Highlights include:

The Skin Burlesque: Ever wish there were more to take off? There is, but it takes commitment.

The Lobotomy Puppeteer: Like 50 Shades of Gray, but with the subject having absolutely no will of their own. Oh, hang on, that is 50 Shades of Gray. But we use a bonesaw.

Samara Sings: That creepy girl from "The Ring", breaks out her ukelele . . . and wins your heart.

And many more special surprises!


Times Scare

669 8th Ave. Between 42nd & 43rd
New York, NY