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Im a 17 year old girl from Germany I saw the musical on October 23rd and it was just awesome... the music was so great and Im actually not really into Jazz but that was great... the actors were awesome!!!

Written on November, 1st 2007

FANSTASTIC!!! Funny, Sexy, Cool.

Booked tickets via this website to see Chicago on 15th August 07 as part of a 5 day trip to NYC from the UK and after reading some of the reviews here I was slightly worried I had picked the wrong show. I should not have worried!!
I agree the stage and costumes were minimal but I think that is the point, it is the acting, music and dance routines you go to see and they do not disapoint!!! I had goose bumps throughtout the whole show, which was funny, sexy and fantastic!!! There were no real big names I knew at the performance we saw but every single cast member was amazing with brilliant cherography that was spot on each move. The small theater creates an intimate setting which makes you feel your are watching your very own private performance, with the cast talking directly to you.
I guess if you want jaw dropping sceanery and special effects, go see Phantom or Mary Poppins. If you want to be entertained for 2 and a half hours by some of the best dancers and theatrical actors I have ever seen, come see the razzle dazzle of CHICAGO.

Written on August, 21st 2007


An amazing blend of dance, music, storyline, humor, pathos...I could be the greatest fan yet ! Bob Fosse most likely changed the world of Broadway forever with this gem. It's appropriate for young teens and up--you judge for your own kids. Some implied sex and some really great sexy, jazzy dance, songs about murder. This is the show that turned my ll yr old toward being a "gypsy" dancer and at 16 she's still on that path. Go....see.....sing....hum the tunes for the rest of your life ! Have been 3 times and will go again !

Written on June, 12th 2006

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