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Brownsville Bred... A true inspiring journey out of Brownsville, Brooklyn. Set n the 1980s it follows a latino fmaily you will love to laugh with , have to cry with and need to root for. The extraordinary Elaine de Valle will win your heart with her powerful story.

The autobiographical show takes the audience through an 'emotional rollercoaster' that is uplifting, heartbreaking and powerful as they witness Del Valle recreate life in the tough projects of 1980’s Brownsville, Brooklyn NY. Amongst eight other characters, Del Valle narrates as herself from ages 11 to 17. Del Valle’s loving father, another empathetic character, leaves the family of five as he falls from stature as a talented musician to a defeated heroine addict. Not unlike most impoverished families, Elaine’s mother emerges as the loveable spirit that holds the family together and guides them to a hopeful future. Crime, Drugs and Poverty mix with the Joys of Family, Hope, Salsa and the Birth of Rap, as Del Valle’s innocence recounts a journey to womanhood, a neighborhoods crack & crime epidemic, Salsa rumbas, and her love of Run DMC, which often times help her verbalize a unique struggle and triumph that has audiences cheering and laughing through their tears while swaying to urban rhythms.

“We're very excited that Elaine Del Valle's BROWNSVILLE BRED will be staged at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in November. This award-winning play echoes the Nuyorican's ongoing mission to champion ground-breaking and ambitious new work by artists from a wide spectrum of disciplines and backgrounds. Elaine brings to the Cafe a vibrant mix of talent and experience that will enhance our November programming schedule,” says Daniel Gallant Executive Director at the Café. Brownsville Bred (directed by Paul J. Michael) recently won the 2009 Teatro La Tea’s One Festival in New York City, playing to sell-out crowds. Preceding her latest win, Del Valle (as directed by Heather Girardi) debuted BROWNSVILLE BRED which swept awards at The Network’s ONE-ACT Festival, including for BEST ACTRESS, BEST SHOW, BEST SCRIPT, and BEST DIRECTION


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