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Latest Reviews for Big Fish

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Slow 1st Act, Great 2nd Act!

The first act was pretty hour and a half in and the story didn't seem that connected. It seemed like it wanted to try and get as much in as possible. I liked how the stories were told through songs.

The 2nd act was completely different. It was wonderful and had most of the people around me (including myself) in tears.

Make an effort to see if you can. Hopefully they can streamline the first act a bit!

Written on September, 12th 2013

Superb show!!!

My mother-in-law and I saw a preview of "Big Fish" today.
This show is spectacular. The acting is superb. It is both funny and heart-tugging. The audience gave it a very-well deserved standing ovation. This is a wholesome show which is suitable for all ages.

Written on September, 7th 2013

Big Fish=Big Hit

Attended last nights 1st preview of Big Fish with wife and daughter and we enjoyed it very much - the first act is too long and needs some trimming - dance numbers need to be shortening also - can't wait to see it again after it opens - songs are lovely and sets are gorgeous - Big Fish is going to be the Big Hit this season

Written on September, 6th 2013