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Latest Reviews for Bandstand

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Bandstand, is the best show we have ever seen. Hubby and I were in New York early June this year, (we are from Australia) we purchased tickets and off we went. We loved every minute, the music, the acting, the story, we want to see it again. Everyone do yourself a favour, just go and see it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Written on September, 2nd 2017

New Favorite Musical

We saw this show a couple of months ago and are planning to see it again. It's a complete pkg of wonderful dancing, colorful costumes and music that sticks with you for days after you leave. The leads and ensemble are so talented and the story is so moving. Laura Osnes and Corey Cotts voices are wonderful. They pour their hearts out in portraying these brave folks who took care of our nation. All around good show with touching message that's still poignant today. Go see this show and honor our parents and grandparents who were veterans and gold family members. Go see this show and leave with a wonderful feeling of pride. No problem giving them a standing ovation twice during this show, it was well deserved. Can't wait to go again.

Written on July, 25th 2017

Just terrific!

Fabulous swing music, high-energy dancing, on-stage musicians, cool costumes, complex lyrics and superb vocals. A true-to-life story told with integrity. These are multi-talented performers in a non-stop show that makes you laugh, cry and think. Bravo, Bandstand, Bravo!

Written on June, 21st 2017

Outstanding powerful performance

Wow... Bandstand, I thought I knew what to expect, I did not... the storyline had so much more depth, the music and choreography outstanding. There was nothing I did not like about this show.

Written on June, 12th 2017

A Great time at the theatre

Bandstand provided a delightful night out, filled with snappy, swinging music and dance. My family were thrilled by the versatility of the performances and the extraordinary talent of the on-stage musicians and the 13 piece band in the pit. Each character, laden with sorrow and carrying the heavy burdens of war, are seen ultimately to transcend those burdens and achieve their dreams in the beloved Broadway tradition. Simply: we loved this score, the breathtaking dance and period sets. It didn't hurt too that we are all originally from Cleveland! Finally, when the crowd sprang from its seats we were there among them - cheering and celebrating this triumph of a musical.

Written on May, 14th 2017

Recreates an Era with Perennial Problems

Bandstand is Broadway’s energetic show written by newcomers Richard Oberacker and Robert Taylor. Like the classic war stories such as South Pacific and Miss Saigon, there is not a simple tale. The basic plot of an army veteran forming a band has leitmotifs shot through with soldiers haunted by their experiences, lack of employment, and exploitation by the sponsor. The jazz numbers throughout recreate the sound of the era but seem quite monotonous, a small flaw in a show that celebrates the servicemen who were part of the Greatest Generation. This show is a winner both for an emotional and theatrical experience with stand-out leads and supporting cast.

Written on April, 29th 2017

A Fine Broadway Experiece

The story is told beautifully! Loved every character, the music & choreography!

Written on April, 9th 2017