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Great show.

Last fall, at the TKTS booth in Southport, we inquired about Avenue Q, and were told it is a puppet show. We declined. Last month, June 2009, I was again in NYC with my 17-year-old daughter, and we decided to go ahead and try Avenue Q. We both loved it. The show is well put together, and quite unique. The songs aren't West Side Story, My Fair Lady, or South PAcific like wonders, but catchy and fun. The puppets are great, and the dynamic of the actors and actresses simultaneously playing the roles played by the puppets is fascinating. Offensive? I'm more offended by conversations I overhear on public streets and mass transportation than anything in this show. I suspect those who find themselves offended are reacting to subject matter that doesn't fit their ideological belief systems.

Written on July, 10th 2009

Smart and honest

Completely sensational. Sure, the songs are shocking (Everyone's A Little Bit Racist), but ultimately, I found them very honest. It was an exploration of the taboo side of human nature, done in a very fresh, clever way. And if the opening number (What Do You Do, With A BA in English?) isn't the most hilariously accurate song ever written, I don't know what is.
As for those people who are crying 'outrage,' if you've ever laughed at an episode of The Simpsons, this shouldn't distress you.

Written on June, 20th 2009

Avenue Q is about Real Life

I took my 14 year old daughter to Avenue Q. Before I took to her to the show I told her about the plot. Her reply, "Dad, what do you think we talk about in middle school?" This show is the most hilarious show we have ever seen. The songs are catchy and witty. In fact we purchased the CD after the show and have been singing the songs ever since. This show is not for people who are afraid to talk about real life issues. The songs are completely honest about human nature.

Written on April, 18th 2009

Laughed so hard we cried! Best Broadway play ever! Will see again!

My boyfriend and I just saw this and both agree this is almost if not THE best play we have ever seen! Yes, if you cannot just relax, take life for what it is and laugh at jokes (even raunchy or political ones) from time to time...then you don't need to go see this one. This is not for the uptight! We only saw a couple of people leave. Like any your research before you go. The play has great messages that make you stop and think, along with moments that will have you holding your side from laughing so hard! A must see and we'll be seeing it again! It deserved every Tony!

Written on April, 6th 2009

Avenue Q is a perfect show!

Avenue Q was is the best show I have ever seen. And I've seen a lot!!! It is a fun filled, falling out of your seat in laughter, raunchy show for adults or anyone with a food senseof humor! For all you people who say that it's boring and wasn't funny, you obviously have no sense of taste or humor. I've seen this show 4 times and each time the audience roared for it. What isn't funny about puppets who some are porn addicts, gay, and ready for a good time. This show deffinatley gets an A+ Take my advice and don't listen to these people who say the show stinks because believe me, you will LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written on September, 21st 2008

Hilarious! Definitely would recommend!

This show was so funny. At first I was a little worried about paying money to see puppets, but I was not disappointed. I could not stop laughing. Very crude, but that's what makes it so funny. I went with another couple and we all enjoyed it very much. I didn't see anything offensive about it - however, it's definitely not for kids. This play is all humor and their goal is to make you laugh. Which we did!!!

Written on September, 2nd 2008

Funniest show on Broadway

One of my favorite shows of recent years, I've seen the NYC production twice now. Very funny and some really catchy music. Highly recommended, especially if you grew up with Sesame Street.

Written on July, 22nd 2008

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