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Avenue Q Reviews

New World Stages - Stage 3

Latest Reviews for Avenue Q

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Fresh, light, energetic and fun

This was a spur of the moment choice and I can't recommend it highly enough! We had no idea what to expect, and am very happy to report I laughed out loud all the way through!

Written on May, 22nd 2014

A Really Great Show!

Five years ago my bf at the time tried to convince me to see this show in London and I thought it sounded stupid so I said no. Reluctantly I eventually gave in, thankfully, and I loved it soooo much! Not only did I go with him there but I eventually moved to NYC and went to see it 3 more times with the NYC cast! They are so talented! The music is catchy. It's nostalgic with the Sesame Street-type characters but with adult themes. I don't like the Simpsons but I really enjoyed this! I don't live in NY anymore (It sucks to be me!) but I'd like to go see it one more time before it closes and bring my fiancee. Ohhh Avenue Q, how you captured my heart!

Written on May, 18th 2014

Clever, Funny and Very Original

My husband and I saw Avenue Q three years ago and just saw it again and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great new off-Broadway cast with tremendous talent and fantastic voices. We felt as though we saw a whole new show.

Written on July, 11th 2013

Best Musical I Ever Seen

This is absolutely the best musical which is now off-Broadway. You will laugh like you never laugh before. I have never been at a show where the entire audience is just rotfl. The current cast is actually even more talented than the original cast and there is added nuances and changes that make the current production better than the original production on Broadway. Veronica Kuehn who does Kate Monster and the voices and singing of other characters is extremely talented and wonderful and just a joy to watch. A lot of people dismiss this show because the characters are puppets but these puppets have a lot heart...much more than some of the human characters you see in other shows and this is mostly due to an impeccable witty script with amazingly talented puppeteers than can really sing. Remember, this is the show that beat Wicked for Best Musical. Not an easy task as the latter has been #1 in the box office like forever.

Written on October, 27th 2011


I was laughing from start to finish.I can hardly stand for the ovation as my stomach was aching and gassy from laughing.It is a joke which is really happening in real life.For those who find the joke dirty was not true to themselves and is on denial.It is a must see.You'll die laughing.

Written on October, 10th 2010

Either the Funniest Dirty Musical or Dirtiest Funny Musical. Ever.

This was my 4th or 5th Avenue Q experience -- I've lost count. But for me, it gets better every time, because just like each successive viewing of Blazing Saddles, you pick up jokes that you missed, or forgot about, or just wanted to hear yet again. And like Blazing Saddles, the story is so silly that it's great.

And now that the production has returned to Off-Broadway, from whence it came, the experience is, if anything, better. A relatively intimate performance space (in this case the excellent World Stages "multiplex") suits the whole Avenue Q concept so much better than a big Broadway theater (even a "small big" theater like the Golden, its Broadway home) and WAY better than that horrible, tacky, cavernous, ill-fated venue in Las Vegas.

If you grew up with Sesame Street, or watched with your kids as they grew up with it (or both, like me), you must see this show. I can't tell you why, really, because I don't want to spoil the numerous surprises. I will tell you that there are puppets involved, and the puppeteers are right there onstage, performing right alongside them. So keep your attention on the puppets, not the puppeteers; you miss lots of stuff if you watch the latter. There are also human (non-puppet) characters to keep track of, so it gets a bit confusing sometimes; but it's well worth the effort.

I should also mention that the puppets have X-rated mouths, and do some outrageous, X-rated things - so it is NOT a show for young kids.

I will also say if if you have adult kids, especially if one or more insisted on majoring in English, take them along.
And I'll tell you that one of the non-puppet characters is Gary Coleman. Yes, that Gary Coleman.
And I won't spoil anything else, I promise.
But remember Bert and Ernie?

Written on May, 10th 2010

Really Freakin' Great Show!

Avenue Q was great! I don't get out to see a ton of plays, but I would love to see this one again, and more like it. It was hilarious, actors are so very talented, I was laughing the whole time. My boyfriend, who rarly goes to a play, was almost out of his seat in laughter! GO SEE IT!

Written on April, 15th 2010

What a great time!

This show is hilarious and so much fun! It is definately worth seeing. You have to know what you are getting into before hand however, and I think that previous reviewers who didn't like it just didn't know what to expect. If you have a good sense of humor, can handle a few curse words now and then, and want to have some fun laughing about the unfairness of life, then go see this show! The songs are so funny, honest, and reveal what all of us are thinking but afraid to say out loud. It is not for young children, but totally okay for the over 13 crowd. My teen didn't even flinch at the content - there is worse on network TV.

Written on August, 24th 2009

A Show With a Very Good Point! Definitely a Wonderful Show.

This is by all means, fun, enjoyable ADULT entertainment and I left laughing and feeling like I've just had the best time at a Broadway show that I've ever had. The talent of not just the actors, but the writers, producers, directors, musicians, it all adds up to a wonderful experience. It also brings a fresh reminder that the whole point of the story is that no matter who you are, there's no reason why you can't be nice to your neighbor, co-worker, and the people you meet everyday. The message was about NOT being racist and I for one, will be sad when this show closes. I do hope you make a DVD of this show before it's final curtain call. So many people will miss out if you don't.

Written on July, 13th 2009


One of the best broadway shows I've seen in my life. True some of the things they say are blunt, but that's what makes this show so hilarious. The sheer uniqueness of this show is beyond compare. This so will have you laughing outloud throughout the entire day. I've seen it twice and will deffinatley be seeing it again. As for the people who suggest that this show is stupid and pointless, my statement to you is, "That's why Avenue Q beat out Wicked for best musical, right?"

Written on July, 10th 2009

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