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Nowhere Man, Is He The Fifth Beatle?

I loved the creative concept of Nowhere Man loosely based on the Beatles by gifted playwright Claude Solnick who has unlimited imagination. His brilliant original idea of writing a story about a fictional 5th Beatle (a hired double for Paul McCartney) crystallized into a well written script & a clever vehicle to carry drama, plot & twists, characterization, & apt staging for a well acted play. What more can be said about the well documented iconic Beatles? You will have to see this play to find a fresh angle! Since Mr. Solnik is a career journalist, he has the intellectual vision for a story behind the headlines. He used an old rumor flamed by fans & gossip tabloids about Paul McCartney suspected of being dead because he was nowhere to be seen & the Beatles ceased performing public concerts & instead kept a low profile doing studio work. This is around 1969 amidst a time when the band's partnership may go through rearrangement. Hence, the narrative begins with Beatles arranger & road manager hiring an unknown musician resembling Paul to stand-in for him. What happens when one becomes the famous Paul McCartney? Solnik's no nonsense clear linear delivery of story subtlety divided into plot scenes (as seen admirably in his 2016 historical data filled Victoria Woodhull) gives the play a natural structure for fast but even pace to give fluid flow of events & make it easier for the director to focus on clever staging while allowing the actors room to breathe color into their roles. Accolades must be given to Claude Solnick for a fresh original concept that he created & developed into interesting intense THEATER that expands the scope of a myth which if able to be true, explores secrecy, double life, confidentiality contract, emotional toll, & business intrigue in an overflowing human drama that all started with a simple "What if...?" from a talented writer. Nowhere Man is a rare refreshing original play that must be seen by not only Beatles fans but all theater lovers.

Written on June, 13th 2017