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Nov 7, 2015
Dec 6, 2015


In Abyss, Karla's been missing from her Berlin apartment since Monday. Frustrated by the indifference of the local police, three of Karla’s closest friends launch a search of their own. As they delve into the mystery, we’re drawn ever more deeply into the profound bond they share in the heritage of the former Yugoslavia. The trauma of the last Balkan War is an ever-present backdrop to the search for Karla. As days pass and the mystery deepens, this turbulent past emerges as a powerful force driving both suspicions and revelations. The mystery ultimately reveals a deeper exploration of how we go on with our lives after profound loss. Winner of Germany’s prestigious Kleist Promotional Award, Abyss is a poetic thriller that leads us through a world where people make their own justice, to the brink of irrevocable loss.



357 W 36th Street, 3rd floor
New York, NY