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Latest Reviews for A Christmas Story, The Musical

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A Must See!

If you are a fan of the movie, you MUST see the show! It was heartwarming and so funny, hope it comes back next Christmas!!

Written on December, 13th 2012

Wow! Excellent....absolutely loved it....

LOVED IT!!!! I enjoyed the show very much, my boyfriend and I ( in our late 30's) thought it was great!! The cast is wonderful, every single one! All the kids...are amazing.... They sing and dance so cute! I loved that they used real blood hound dogs in a few scenes. They captured all the key moments in the movie! I went to a wed 8p showing, it was packed! We were seated in the 4th row mid mezzanine. Our view was good. I think most seats are good but they are tight! Especially if you are tall, no real leg room. GO SEE IT this holiday season!

Written on December, 12th 2012

A real feel good classic musical comedy

Great show for the holiday season. Very funny with wonderful dancing & singing. Liked it so much more than the movie. A real feel good show!

Written on December, 5th 2012

Holiday Classis at it's BEST !!!!

Christmas Story is one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME ! I have been to the Christmas Story house in Cleavland and have met many of the original cast. I have to say that this show was INCREDIBLE ! The cast was wonderful and they did a fantastic job re-creating a holiday classic. Dan Lauria was phenominal and I could not have asked for a better wat to start the holiday season ! This is a must-see for any fan of A Christmas Story !!!!

Written on December, 3rd 2012


Just came back from sat 2:00 show What a GREAT job they did putting this show together.Everyone was excellent but the kids were outstanding.I would see it again.

Written on December, 1st 2012

Fun, charming musical.

Charming, old-fashioned musical. Great cast, tuneful score and especially talented kids who are the focus of the show. By far the best of the Christmas shows in NYC.

My daughter is playing the CD day and night and singing the songs, so that says a lot.

Written on November, 15th 2012


I went to see this show last night. I have to admit I was a little hesitant to buy tickets, but it's one of my boyfriend's favorite movies so we thought we'd give it a try. We see a lot of broadway shows and, Well, It totally exceeded my expectations! It was entertaining from beginning to end, I laughed out loud many times, and also had a little cry! The acting is amazing, the kids are outstanding too. Such a great production! In my top 5!! Go see it!

Written on November, 15th 2012