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Discount Offers on 702 Punchlines & Pregnant: The Jackie Mason Musical Tickets

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About 702 Punchlines & Pregnant: The Jackie Mason Musical - Off Broadway

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Inspired by real events and portrayed by the real woman at the eye of the comedic storm, The Jackie Mason Musical takes you behind the scenes and introduces you a side of the comedian you’ve never seen before.

The back story: In real life, comedian Jackie Mason had a love affair with a belly dancer in Miami in the late 70s, resulting in the birth of a love child, a woman named Sheba Mason, who has grown up to be a comedienne in her own right.

The story on stage: Sheba’s mother, Ginger Reiter, has now composed, written and directed a new musical that stars her real-life daughter, Sheba. Playing both herself and her mom, Sheba is joined by a cast of actors, with Ian Wehrle as Jackie Mason.

The action starts at a deli in Miami in 1977, where Jackie spots a pretty young woman named Ginger. Along for the ride is Ginger’s overbearing mom, Mrs. Olivier, who engineers the whole affair with unforgettable panache. Romance blooms, and soon Jackie is wooing Ginger each winter whenever he’s in South Florida churning up laughs with the South Beach set. The trouble is, Jackie is also wooing a lot of other women at the same time, a fact that Ginger soon discovers and that sends her into despair. Once Ginger becomes pregnant, Jackie denies his paternity, while still yearning to be with Ginger, and a complicated relationship begins, including Sheba’s own love for the man she knows is her father and who she wishes she knew. The show includes such original songs as “Just An Ordinary Man,” “I Never Met This Yenta” and “Big Blue Eyes.” Hilarious, inspired and a thoroughly original take on a personality you thought you knew through and through, The Jackie Mason Musical is a must for fans of the comedian and anyone who loves a great, if complicated, love story.


Davenport Theatre

354 West 45th Street
New York, NY