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10 Big TV & Movie Stars You Can Buy Discount Tickets to See on Broadway

January 21st, 2014 by

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10 Big TV & Movie Stars You Can Buy Discount Tickets to S...

Are you dying to see your favorite celeb on the Great White Way, but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for tickets? Well then, you are in luck. Below BroadwayBox highlights 10 big stars you can see live for less by buying discount tickets today. If you ever binge watched Breaking Bad or rooted for Michelle Williams to beat Meryl, this is the list for you.

Bryan Cranston, All the Way

Bryan Cranston- All the Way
Obvious Screen Credit: Cranston won three consecutive Emmy Awards for his role as Walter White on AMC’s Breaking Bad.
Theater Role: Cranston is making his Broadway debut as President Lyndon B. Johnson as he takes on Civil Rights issues in America during the early years of his presidency.
Discount Deal: Discount up to 42%

Michelle Williams, Cabaret

Michelle Williams
Obvious Screen Credit: After starring in Dawson’s Creek, Williams made the jump to Hollywood superstar and picked up Oscar nominations for Brokeback Mountain, Blue Valentine and My Week with Marilyn.
Theater Role: Williams makes her Broadway debut as divinely decadent Kit Kat Club headliner Sally Bowles in the revival of Cabaret.
Discount Deal: Discount up to 50%

Debra Messing, Outside Mullingar

Outside Mullingar Photos- Debra Messing-

Photo by Joan Marcus

Debra Messing as Rosemary in 'Outside Mullingar'

Obvious Screen Credit: Everyone with access to a TV knows Messing for her Emmy-winning performance as New York interior designer Grace Adler, one half of the iconic pair Will & Grace.
Theater Role: Messing is also making her Broadway debut as tough Irish spinster Rosemary in John Patrick Shanley’s new romantic comedy Outside Mullingar.
Discount Deal: Discount up to $45

Zachary Quinto, Glass Menagerie

Glass Menagerie Photos- Zachary Quinto

Photo by Michael J. Lutch

Zachary Quinto as Tom in The Glass Menagerie.

Obvious Screen Credit: Quinto is best known for sci-fi credits like Heroes and Star Trek, as well as his Emmy-nominated star turn on American Horror Story.
Theater Role: Quinto received rave reviews for his Broadway debut as Tom, the narrator and protagonist, in Tennessee Williams’ masterpiece The Glass Menagerie.
Discount Deal: Discount up to $48

Fantasia Barrino, After Midnight

after midnight photos- Fantasia Barrino

Photo by Matthew Murphy

Fantasia Barrino in After Midnight.

Obvious Screen Credit: American Idol fans know Barrino as the season three winner and Lifetime viewers saw her life story on screen in The Fantasia Barrino Story: Life Is Not a Fairy Tale.
Theater Role: Fantasia is back on Broadway as the first guest headliner in the Duke Ellington musical revue After Midnight.
Discount Deal: Discount up to $53

Tyne Daly, Mothers and Sons

Tyne Daly- Mothers & Sons Cast
Obvious Screen Credit: TV fans know this legendary Tony and six-time Emmy winner from her screen appeareances on Judging Amy and Cagney & Lacey.
Theater Role: Daly stars as a mother who turns up at the door of her son’s former lover 20 years after her son’s death in the heartbreaking new Terrence McNally play Mothers and Sons.
Discount Deal: Discount up to $38

Ian McKellan & Patrick Stewart, No Man’s Land/ Waiting for Godot

Waiting For Godot Photos- Patrick Stewart- Ian McKellen

Photo by Joan Marcus

Patrick Stewart as Vladimir & Ian McKellen as Estragon in Waiting For Godot.

Obvious Screen Credit: Too many to name! Let’s just start with X-Men, Lord of the Rings and Star Trek.
Theater Role: These acclaimed stage actors are performing two plays in repertory, Harold Pinter’s No Man’s Land and Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot.
Discount Deal: Discount up to $42

Estelle Parsons, The Velocity of Autumn

Estelle Parsons- Autumn
Obvious Screen Credit: Parsons won an Oscar for Bonnie & Clyde, but sitcom fans know her as the insufferable mother on Roseanne.
Theater Role: Parsons stars as Alexandra, a 79-year-old artist fighting to live out her remaining years in her Brooklyn brownstone, much to her family’s dismay.
Discount Deal: Discount up to $46.

Sarah Jessica Parker, The Commons of Pensacola

Commons of Pensacola Photos- Blythe Danner - Sarah Jessica Parker

Photo by Joan Marcus

Blythe Danner as Judith & Sarah Jessica Parker as Becca in The Commons of Pensacola.

Obvious Screen Credit: Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, enough said.
Theater Role: SJP plays down-on-her-luck daughter Becca, who returns home with an ulterior motive, in the off-Broadway production of The Commons of Pensacola.
Discount Deal: Discount up to 45%

Michael Urie, Buyer & Cellar

Buyer & Cellar Photos- Michael Urie

Photo by Sandra Coudert

Michael Urie in Buyer & Cellar.

Obvious Screen Credit: Urie broke out on television as Marc St. James on Ugly Betty.
Theater Role: In this one man show about a shop clerk working in Barbara Streisand’s basement, Urie plays a variety of roles including Babs herself.
Discount Deal: Discount up to 30%