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About Leonardo Da Vinci's Workshop: Inventor, Artist, Dreamer

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Phone Number
  • 866-987-9692
  • 226 West 44th Street
  • New York, NY 10036


Explore Leonardo da Vinci’s 500 year old inventions from his actual notebooks as they are brought to life in in this world premiere exhibit. Discover how his visions for an airplane, automobile and bridge would have worked – long before they became the modern world’s reality. Plus, uncover the translations and hidden meanings behind the mastermind’s paintings, sketches and notebooks through innovative digital technology.

•Featuring full scale models of da Vinci’s inventions including his self-propelled cart, airplane, robot knight and mechanical lion
•Innovative touch screen technology translates over 500 sketches from his actual notebooks into 3-dimensional models
•Da Vinci’s most important paintings can now be viewed using avant-garde technologies and extensive 3D imaging and animations
World Premiere Exhibit Opening November 20, 2009